Jan 28, 2015

A Quick Look at Lyme Disease

  • Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection not a virus.
  • Lyme Disease is spread by deer tick and possibly mosquitoes, biting flies, fleas and mites.
  • Lyme has been found in human tears, breast milk, urine, and semen and has been shown to pass to babies in the womb.
  • Lyme Disease infection produces a rash in 50% of those infected.
  • Only 50% of those rashes produce a classic bulls-eye rash (other rashes are possible).
  • Not everyone who is infected with Lyme will manifest immediate symptoms like a bulls-eye, fever or flu-like symptoms.
  • Lyme can become a chronic infection after 4 weeks.
  • Antibiotics can cure an early Lyme infection if given the correct dose and duration. 
  • Testing for Lyme & other tick-borne infections are grossly inaccurate.
  • Chronic Lyme Infections can mimic many other diseases such as Arthritis, MS, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ADHD, Alzheimers, Parkinson's etc.....

  • Chronic Lyme Disease treatment is generally not covered by insurance.
  • For Chronic Lyme infections it is almost always necessary to seek out a knowledgeable Lyme literate physician.
  • If you get a Lyme infection you most likely have other tick-borne infections like Bartonella, Babesia, or Erlichiosis.
  • Late Stage Lyme Disease costs approximately $10,000- $20,000 per year per person to treat.  For more information visit ILADS, The International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society.

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