Jan 23, 2015

About My Blog

Welcome to my blog,  I'd like to show you around a little.  I hope that you will find this a place of encouragement for you and that through sharing my story, it might help you to know that you're not alone in your struggles in life, no matter what they are.

Head on over to the "About Me" page to get to know me a little better.  When you're finished there, get a comfy chair, settle in and browse around for awhile.  

I hope my story will help you to understand how serious Lyme disease is and how it began taking away my health, impacted my life and the journey I have taken to regain my health. 

Since I'm new here I have a lot dust so for now I appreciate your patience.  I plan to add more of my story and more information to help you understand chronic tick-borne infections, what to do if you get bit by a tick and how to get proper treatment.  You will find this information in the Lyme Disease tab.

I also have a section called Abounding Homeschool.  I may share some ideas on how to homeschool as well as how chronic illness impacted our homeschool and how we've made it work for our family.

Finally, my section called Encouragement for Your Soul, well, it will be just that.  A place to find hope, abounding, filling you with peace and joy.

Thanks for coming and I hope you like it here and will share with others.


  1. I just came across your blog. Thank you so much for your honesty, candor, and determining not to minimize or "fix" the pain and struggle we live through when the word "chronic" enters the household. I homeschooled both our daughters through my own onset of autoimmune disorders and one of my girls' ongoing problems resulting from a toddlerhood TBI (seizures, hormonal imbalances, mood shifts, OCD, global delay). Definitely complicated. Thank you for giving a space for moms who homeschool with chronic challenges. I'm an "oldie" now that my girls are 31 and 27. We still are working with our challenges, since my youngest is not independent. I am an online facilitator of a support group for parents who have children with mood disorders at The Balanced Mind foundation - that is my way of giving back. I'm an "oldie" there, too. We've worked with diets and a variety of meds with my daughter, since brain injury often needs the same meds. Aside from those families, I've never really met anyone who has been candid about their daily struggles, putting one foot in front of the other, continuing to honor God and not expecting that a healing must look like an instant miracle.

    1. Hi Jess, I'm so glad you found my blog. Sounds like you have a story to share as well. Being honest and candid was definitely a risk but during some of our most difficult days that was what I needed, to know that I wasn't alone and that I would get through this. God bless you as you continue to care for your daughter and minister to others. I would love to learn more about your foundation. Would you send me a link?

  2. Hi Tricia, ran across your Blog from Google?! I loved reading through it and enjoyed seeing that you live a very normal life! I am from small town Texas and have a wonderful family like yourself and all health issues started in the last year. While researching and studying about all my symptoms and lyme, you almost go nuts trying to figure it all out so it's refreshing when you see a normal family survive and go through this. I've seen so many different suggestions on beating Lyme and some get a little whacky, but whatever works then by all means keep it up. I'm fixing to see a LLMD in Colorado. I'm curious what your main symptoms were when starting all of this, how much better are you and what antibiotics worked for you? Take care.

    1. Hi Curious Thanks, I'm glad you found my blog. Yes, we've had a very long journey. It's been 10 years since my first symptoms and you can all about my symptoms and my story here http://www.aboundinginhopewithlyme.com/2015/01/when-everything-changed.html. My family and I found the biggest healing came from dietary changes specific supplements and herbs and homeopathic treatment with our doctor in Maryland. I'm in the process of moving this blog so keep checking back for a new look but the same link! I hope that helps, Tricia


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