Jan 24, 2015

When Everything Changed

As I brainstormed on how I would get started with a blog I thought it would be best to share my story with you so that you could get to know me better.  

My real hope is that you understand more about Lyme disease and see how you too can abound in the hope that God can give while living with a chronic illness.

I'm a Lyme Mom.  I have Lyme disease and all 4 of my children have it. As a matter of fact, so does my husband.  It's very frustrating explaining this to others!  

Many times I'll get the question, "how can your whole family have Lyme?"  I usually chuckle and say, "well, a family that plays together gets sick together!", while on the inside I find myself grumbling and asking, yeah, how can my whole family have this?

I'm not sure exactly when I contracted Lyme disease.  I'm suspect I was tick bitten when I was pregnant with my son in the fall of 2006.  But I also started having health problems back in 2000.  This was right after I had my 3rd daughter.  

I remember getting plantar fasciitis not too long after she was born.  I walked 3 miles a day while I was pregnant and the podiatrist told me that was the reason I was having the intense pain and could barely walk on my poor feet.  I went to physical therapy, bought custom made orthotics, got a few steroid shots and I was on my way.

Shortly after this I began having heart palpitations. I felt like they would make my heart leap out of my chest. I went to the doctor and I had an irregular EEG so I was sent to a cardiologist for a nuclear stress test.  

Needless to say, I was really frightened, I mean I had 3 young girls and heart disease runs in my family. I had struggled with high cholesterol since I was 18, despite diet and exercise so of course this consumed my thoughts.

All tests were clear though and the doctor told me everything was fine, except I wasn't fine. Off and on I would have the craziest heart palpitations and fatigue. I seriously thought I was going to have a heart attack. My primary doctor told me it was being caused by anxiety and maybe too much caffeine, so I did what I could to deal with that.

In 2003 I got the flu. I don't know if you remember that year but it was one of those "epidemic" years where the flu got an early start.  My 3 girls and I all got very sick. Thankfully, the girls recovered just fine. I, however, didn't recover for another 2 or 3 years.

I suffered with upper respiratory problems, shortness of breath, coughing up phlegm, dizziness, shallow breathing and coughing so much I thought I was going to pass out!  I really felt like I couldn't breathe out or that my breathing would get stuck.  

Naturally, I went to the doctor who sent me to an asthma specialist and she said I had asthma. Only, the medications and rescue inhaler made me worse.   

I began having serious issues whenever I was around chemical smells. Cleaners, shampoos, perfume, body lotions and especially the smell of cigarette smoke. Everything set me off. I was so afraid to leave my own house.

As if that wasn't scary enough I began having reactions to food. It was almost as if I had become allergic to everything. I began to notice that every time we went out to eat I felt as though I was going into anaphylactic shock.  

My blood pressure dropped, my throat felt funny, like I couldn't swallow, I became very dizzy and got very sick. The only thing that seemed to help was taking 2 anti-histamine tablets and going to bed.  I would lie there and just keep saying to myself, "relax, breathe, you're going to be ok!"  Hindsight - I should have gone to the ER.

I went back to the doctor and she said I was allergic to sulfites.  I did a little research and couldn't believe how many food items had sulfites in them.  I also couldn't believe that just eating a salad at a restaurant would expose me to the very thing that would set me off.  

I went on a very strict diet avoiding preservatives of all types, I avoided smells, perfumes and dyes in all of my products and I started having some relief.  

This didn't alleviate my symptoms when I went to church, the store, or even the doctor's office. I became very aware of how the smell of someone's hairspray or shampoo could be dangerous to someone like me.

In 2004-2005 I had two miscarriages. At the end of 2006 I became pregnant again and later gave birth to my 4th child. In the beginning of my third trimester though I began having extreme fatigue, terrible joint pain and lower back pain. I had chronic sinus infections and those heart palpitations came back but nothing would ever show up when I went to the doctor.

By the time I had my son my right shoulder was hurting so badly I could barely lift him or hold him on that side. When I would rise from a sitting position to standing I would get stuck because of terrible pain in my lower back and my sciatic nerve would send the most horrific pain down my backside and into my leg.  

The pain always increased at night and I had the hardest time getting comfortable. Simple things like making a meal would bring on intense pain and burning up and down my back. Ibuprofen and other OTCs did nothing to help. 

I was extremely fatigued. I would fall asleep during the day, even while reading out loud to my kids or if I would lie down for just a minute my kids would come and shake me awake and I would learn that several hours had passed. At night I would sleep so deeply that I wouldn't hear my newborn son cry. 

When my son was 9 months old I began having severe pain in my ankles and the muscles in my calves were so tight nothing could relax them. I went through physical therapy for achilles tendonitis but it wasn't helping. It became so bad that walking was just too painful. I couldn't get up in the middle of the night to get my son because my legs and feet wouldn't work and my body was too stiff.

In the morning, I would have to sit on the end of the bed and do stretching exercises for 5 or 10 minutes just so I could hobble out of bed and walk like a 90-year old down the stairs.  

I remember counting how many steps it would take to go from the kitchen to the living room or from the parking lot into the store.  Counting steps in order to accomplish tasks with the minimum amount of steps possible. 

I was having all sorts of problems with my stomach; acid reflux, throwing up for no reason, it hurt just to drink water sometimes. I had night-time chills so bad, I would shake and feel freezing cold no matter how much I bundled up.

I began noticing that I was having memory issues, in fact I couldn't recall memories from my childhood which really scared me. I had difficulty thinking, reading, comprehending and problem solving, I couldn't do simple math in my head, simple tasks became impossible because I didn't know how to go about them, and I began to have constant, unrelenting pain from my neck down to my feet.

I started having anxiety, depression and anger outbursts, sometimes feeling rage inside. I was terrified, I didn't know what was happening to me. I remember asking my husband if I hit my head because my brain wasn't working, I thought I was suffering from early onset Alzheimer's.

By this time my son was almost 2. I had been to my doctor, the labs for blood work and to get x-rays, the podiatrist, 2 different physical therapists, a pulmonologist, counseling and my chiropractor.  I remember my husband praying for me and asking God to please show us what the cause of all of my health problems were.

At the recommendation of a friend, I decided to visit a new chiropractor because I was sure my regular chiropractor had broken my hip.  My new chiropractor treated me for 4 weeks and I only got worse with each treatment.  

He finally suggested a Lyme test. I thought he was nuts. I had never pulled a tick off of me and I certainly had never had a bulls-eye rash. What was Lyme disease anyway? Didn't that just cause arthritis? 

I reluctantly asked my primary doctor for a test while also getting muscle relaxers and x-rays to see if my shoulder, back and hip were all broken.  

Quite honestly, I was really surprised when that test came back positive. I can look back now and see how truly blessed I was that it did.  

Lyme tests are not very accurate so it's very difficult to get a positive test if you are. So, what did all of this mean?

This is only the beginning of my story and believe it or not this is just a portion of my medical history but it's important that you see the progression. 

Lyme symptoms can happen right away and if they do count your blessings.  The majority of the time however, there are no warning signs like a bulls-eye.  

Like many others who get Lyme, no one in my family had the classic bulls-eye rash and none of us got the initial fever or flu like symptoms.

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  1. I went through something so similar. I hope you are on the mend now.

    1. Thank you Anonymous. We still have flares here and there but are doing much much better, most days.

  2. Hi Tricia,
    Thanks for your story. My son and my wife (probably) have chronic lyme. It's amazing how your symptoms match those of my wife - heart palpitation, plantar fasciitus, fatigue!

    Best of Luck.

    1. Hi Edward, I'm sorry to hear about your son and wife. Yes, many With chronic Lyme have very similar symptoms. I hope you have a good LLMD or Naturopath. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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