May 2, 2015

Do You Think I Make a Big Deal About Lyme?

Do you think I make too big a deal about Lyme Disease?

When an illness overtakes your body and causes more pain than you've ever had in your life.

When it takes your memories from you or prevents you from being able to understand simple things, when every step you take feels like you're trudging through mud with stabbing pains in your feet and legs.  When you're so exhausted but can't sleep.  When your joints throb and you feel like every bone in your body is broken.

When it takes this much medicine and supplements to just keep you upright.  When your medicine makes you too sick to leave the house.

When you watch your children suffer, lying in bed, barely able to move, missing school, missing friends, missing life, struck down, when it changes them.

When you have to pay for every treatment, every lab and every doctor out of pocket because insurance doesn't believe you and they don't believe in chronic Lyme Disease.

When doctors make you feel stupid and crazy but they know nothing about Lyme or any of the coinfections.

When it takes you many years and you have to see multiple doctors to find out what's wrong with you.

Would you think I would ever wish this on anyone?

If you knew it would prevent 1 person from getting it, would you speak out?


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