Jul 12, 2015

Good News / Bad News Lyme Check-Up

Here we are approaching the end of our first year of treatment for Lyme Disease and Coinfections with our newest doctor.

It was quite an interesting experience at first and the doctor's methods were very different than anything we had ever experienced in the past.

I had heard of muscle testing before but never auricular energy testing.  Honestly, I doubted much of what this doctor was doing until we began seeing major improvements.

Before that, the only thing I had to go on was the highest recommendation from several people at church whose teen and college age children were treated successfully for tick-borne diseases.

Before switching to Dr. S., five out of six of us had been treated with an aggressive antibiotic protocol for years.  We had also been given anti-fungals, anti-malarials and were told to take probiotics, Saccharomyces, and a box-load of other supplements.  We were constantly detoxing, gluten free, sugar free and fun free.  Not really fun free, but for the kids being on such a strict diet was a bit of a downer.

We were really very sick with Lyme, Coinfections and then Candida from all the antibiotics.  Life was hard and it was even harder to stay positive and encouraged when we weren't getting better and our doctor had no idea what else to do.

I was desperate to get better and to get my children better, they had lost so much of their childhood.  This led us in a new direction and off antibiotics.

Now, instead of antibiotics we're spraying anywhere from 15-27 homeopathic/nutritional supplements in our mouths three times a day.  

Sometimes when we're sitting at the table getting ready to take our sprays, we make eye contact and the race begins to see who can finish theirs first.  I mean, after 8 years of this madness you kind of have to make the best of it.

Last week, the girls and I had our check-ups, we go about every eight weeks.  My oldest is showing that most of her infections are almost gone.  She still has some infections showing but it seems her bigger issue has to do with her blood sugar.  

At the recommendation of a good friend we decided to start her on a new product in addition to what she's doing.  This product addresses her blood sugar, heals her gut and gives her the energy she so desperately needs.

So far we're seeing positive results and she's been up out of bed since starting, but it's only been a week.  If she continues to do well, I'll be certain to tell you all about it.

My sunshine girl is doing much better. She still gets fatigued but not as often and it's usually when her schedule is really full, she's going to bed late or she's not eating well.  She is doing much better than she was so the doctor reduced her remedies and doesn't need to see her for at least 4 months.

My baby girl, who isn't a baby by the way and already taller than me, had some return of symptoms.  We were sure it was because she was feeling so good she wasn't taking her remedies when she was supposed to.  Imagine my surprise to hear the doc say she has Lyme again, as in she got Lyme again.

I'm actually not really that surprised since we've been doing a lot more outside activities.  She's been outdoors a lot with friends and with the youth group at church.  It seems they're always doing things in the woods, fields or down at the creek.  

Of course I demand the kids look for ticks but honestly, nymph ticks are almost impossible to see.

My little man is doing great.  He had a Zyto scan done and was first treated for Mycoplasma and then Borrellia (Lyme).  He hasn't complained of any pain.

My checkup went well but there are still some issues to deal with.  I had to go on an antibiotic in May for an infection I got in my finger after I had nerve testing, so once again I'm dealing with Candida.  

I haven't been feeling well, joint pain, leg & feet pain, tics, and some memory problems.  Most of these symptoms could be from the Candida.  My leg pain was so bad that I wasn't sleeping well at night. After a few days on my adjusted protocol I began to feel so much better.

So that's our update.  I'm really thankful we're being treated in a way that isn't damaging our immune system like antibiotics were.  

We're working on strengthening our immunity and our bodies so that it can do the work needed to get rid of these infections.

My oldest is not as strong and still has to regain her health in order to get back into life, but it looks like we're finally on the right path.  

The rest of us have seen positive improvements and are really thankful that while we know we are not as healthy as we want to be, we are able to be busy doing things we love.

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