Aug 23, 2015

Living The Busy Lyme Life

Sorry, I've been kind of quiet on my blog lately.  Summer is almost at an end and for a Lymie I've been pretty busy.
This is the time of year I'm focused on getting ready for the fall, fitting in last minute doctors appointments and check-ups, purchasing the children's fall clothes and finalizing our plans for the upcoming homeschool year.

Besides trying to keep up with the best of them, the past few months have been kind of hard on me.  I've been having pain off and on so everything I've needed to do seems to take twice as long.  I don't know why I've been having this cyclical pain but some days it's pretty hard.

I had been reading a lot about Turmeric and how it's really great for inflammation and pain management.  Some articles even tout that it's safer and more effective than Ibuprofen.  So, I did some research and found a brand that I wanted to try.

I'm actually really impressed with how quickly it worked.  In just a few days my knee pain went away.  My husband started taking it for sinus inflammation and said it was helping him.

I'm having other aches and pains too and some difficulty walking again but really only in the mornings or after sitting for awhile.

My kids are doing well.  I noticed when my son, Little Man, has a flare of pain in his legs, he also gets very angry about things that usually don't bother him.

Lyme and co-infections can cause rage, anger, moodiness, and many other emotional and psychological symptoms.  In children that may be the first sign you see.

My baby girl, Princess, has been doing pretty good but sometimes she gets so busy with activities she forgets her homeopathic remedies. This is a really bad thing for her because her symptoms come back.  So, as busy as I am, I still have to remind her.

Miss Sunshine, my 2nd born daughter, just turned 18 and has been working hard at her physical fitness training.

She has some pretty awesome muscles going on for being such a petite young woman.  It makes this Momma's heart happy to see her feeling good and even well enough to work out with weights!

She had once been so incredibly sick with tick-borne diseases that she couldn't even lift her head from her pillow for weeks at a time.

I had all but forgotten those terrible days until this weekend.  On Friday she had all 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed.  Seeing her sleep and in pain reminded me of those difficult days.

My eldest daughter, Graceful, has been doing really well.  During my last update I promised to tell you about something new we are doing for her, if it was helpful.  Well, it has been so, let me tell you about it.  It's been over a month now and she's consistently felt well.

At the insistence of a very good friend, we started her on Plexus Slim, ProBio 5 and Bio Cleanse.  My friend kept telling me how much these products were helping her.  

My friend has Lyme, her Mom and cousin do as well.  Every time we talked she would tell me that these products were making a real difference for them and that I really needed to try them.

Honestly, I wasn't impressed with the ingredients and I was honest with her about it but continued to listen to her experience with them.

I even talked to her up line and I called James Easling who is Shoshanna's husband.  She runs the Bulk Herb Store and she and her son both got tick-borne diseases and are seeing great results with Plexus.

Plexus has been helping so many people who have tick-borne diseases by decreasing inflammation and helping the body to heal.

My friend finally had enough of me saying "No" while my daughter was so weak and wasn't getting out of bed.  She handed me a starter kit and said "I insist you try this for her!"  So I did!

I went home that day and got my daughter started on the Slim right away.  Within a few hours she was up laughing and spending time with us.  My jaw dropped when she ran down the stairs to go grab a movie and then ran, not walked, back up the stairs.

Ok, well, I thought it might've just been a burst of energy from taking this stuff.  Over the course of days, weeks and now months, she has consistently been able to maintain her blood sugar and energy levels.  She's eating better too.  She still complains of pain but at least she's up out of bed. Twenty year olds should not be stuck in bed.

If you're curious about these products visit

My husband has been doing well but decided on his own that he should do a detox and cleanse.  More power to him!  I know cleanses are really good for you but my gut is so sensitive after years of medication that the thought of a cleanse sends me running the other way.

I do try to detox but I use more gentle methods likes epsom salt baths, essential oils and herbs.

The summer I stopped medications I did oil pulling, juicing and bentonite clay.  I noticed a remarkable difference with my energy and my gut.

I may address this area of my health in the future but this busy time of year wouldn't work for me.

I'm still working on my post about Bartonella and I have some other changes coming up too.

I hope you're doing well and enjoying the last bit of your summer.  If you've tried any new products or found something that is working well for you, I'd love to hear about them.


  1. Hi Tricia,

    Thank you for the update on your family. It's funny, when people ask, "So how is everyone?", it is never a quick answer like it is for families that don't deal with chronic Lyme.
    My oldest daughter and I just started these same Plexus products a little over a week ago after listening for months to how they were helping other folks. Like you, I just couldn't see how these would work when we were already doing so much. But, I am feeling a difference! So glad you found these products, too.
    Also, Shoshana lives just about 15 minutes down the road from me. We are probably in the same upline :-)
    I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. I pray God will continue to give you strength for the journey and healing for you and your family.

    1. Hi Mama me, How funny that we're both trying the Plexus. I pray it helps you and your daughter. I couldn't tolerate the Bio Cleanse or the Probio5 but I'm doing very well with the Slim and Ease and I just started. In fact I've only taken the Ease for 2 days and I've noticed a huge difference, most of my pain has gone. I have followed , read and learned from Shoshana for years. When I heard she was using this I just really wanted to talk to her about it because even though I don't personally know her, I trust her. Thanks for your prayers and for keeping in touch! :)

  2. thank you so much for posting this. I'm a 20 something stuck in bed from lyme, and have done the Bulk Herb Store's Lyme protocol with relief but was hesitant to start the Plexus because of the iffy ingredients. I will try them i think.

    1. Hi Lyme Girl, I am so sorry to hear that you're stuck in bed from Lyme. The Plexus was definitely helpful for my daughter but she was also on a homeopathic protocol. I hope you have a good Lyme doctor and pray you find healing soon.


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