Sep 13, 2015

Where Does Your Fear Come From And What Are You Doing About It? (Our Journey With Neurological Lyme)

One of the more embarrassing symptoms of Neurological Lyme is the sudden onset of anxiety and fear.

Sometimes, sheer panic attacks can rise out of nowhere in an otherwise self controlled person.

It seems that even in a society where neurological disorders abound, its symptoms; anxiety, depression and mood disorders are not tolerated very well by others and many times criticized within Christian circles as a lack of faith.

Fear can be a very normal and natural response to protect ourselves.  Sometimes it can be because we're not trusting God but it is very possible that fear can be present because of a physical problem.

This post will not be your typical, "here's what you should do about your fear" post, it's more about how fear sidelined us and was caused by tick-borne infection.

In our home, we've experienced different levels of fear as a result of having Neurological Lyme Disease, Babesia and Bartonella.

These critters literally invade the brain and disrupt ones ability to think rationally.  This is a very real physical problem.

These three infections together create a perfect storm in the brain.  They have been studied and reported to cause mild to very severe psychological disorders.

One of my children developed a crippling fear that kept her from being able to function normally. She had severe panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety.  She was unable to discuss certain topics, complete her school work, or watch normal television shows and when she was much younger, couldn't leave the house or be away from me.

This was a real eye opener for me and for the rest of my family.  At first we had no idea what she was going through.  When we finally realized the severity of her illness we had to learn new ways to relate, parent and live every day life with her.

Homeschooling took on a whole new meaning and I had to dig deep and seek help for her and me just to do the bare minimum.

Before my daughter became ill, I experienced episodes of fear.  This occurred soon after my Lyme infection.

I became fearful and had panic attacks over having Lyme bacteria inside my body, I was afraid of going outside because of possibly getting another tick bite.  Sometimes I just felt panic inside but had no idea why.

My fears became increasingly worse and I began to decline invitations to picnics, trips to the park and even outdoor weddings.  I know, it was terrible.

Living in fear is no way to live.  It certainly isn't how God wants us to live.  He tells us more than 365 times in the Bible to "fear not", "don't be anxious", and "do not be afraid".  My daughter and I believed God could and would protect us.  We did not lack faith, we had no control over what was happening and we didn't understand it.

But how do we get rid of fear when it's not just a matter of our own thoughts controlling us?  What do we do when there are physical causes for the neurological disorders that cause fear and anxiety? These symptoms will not resolve unless those physical conditions are taken care of.  Sometimes that means medication.

God certainly wants us to seek Him, to have faith and trust Him, but He also wants us to be wise and get the help necessary to heal, especially when your fear is not because of a lack of faith.

May I also suggest that making minimizing statements to a fearful person such as "get over it", "stop over reacting", or "you just need to have more faith" will not help the situation or the person and could only make matters worse.

Learning coping skills together from a qualified therapist is an excellent way to begin to overcome fear.  These skills will help you recognize triggers in order to stop the pattern and will also help you learn to calm yourself in the midst.

Learning to create a calm environment not only within your home but also within yourself are also great ways to gain control over fear.

Be kind, gentle and soft spoken to the person who is in the midst of a panic attack. It will pass, they need your support and rational strength and love.

Fear that is brought on through a physical condition like an infection, needs to be addressed by treating the infection.  It could be a hormonal imbalance or brought on by trauma.  It's important to find out what is causing your symptoms.

Consider changing your lifestyle and diet, possibly even taking nourishing supplements that will help to heal your brain and body.

While all of the above helped my daughter, none of these alone helped her to regain freedom from the conditions that consumed her.  

We sought God, we prayed earnestly, we meditated on scripture and sought prayers from others.

Antibiotics cleared most of my symptoms but it was only when we found a physician who could effectively treat my daughter without medication that we found healing for her.

Now, when fear tries to rise up within us we always go to God first, use our coping skills (which include prayer & scripture), remember that sometimes our food choices or environment can trigger our symptoms and continue to use our homeopathic treatment.

These all work together to provide the necessary healing protocol for our Neurological Lyme symptoms which produce fear and anxiety.

I hope that our experience will help you to see that fear is real but it doesn't have to control your life.  Don't be afraid to get the help you need.

DISCLAIMER:  I'm not a doctor and this post post is for information purposes only and not intended to take the place of your doctor.

I put together a short list of some of the scripture passages that we have come to love and hope they encourage you.


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