Oct 5, 2015

Our Family Is Moving and I'm Remembering When

Here I sit surrounded by boxes, packing tape and a great big mess.  Our family is moving about 20 miles north to a larger home.

Life is always changing isn't it?  Even without moving, new things are always happening whether it relates to our relationships, jobs, or just day to day experiences.

We're all very excited and looking forward to our new home but we have some mixed feelings too.  Something very strange happened to me as I was telling a complete stranger about our move.  Tears welled up in my eyes and I felt a little overcome with emotion.

It's not like we have to move because of a job change but we outgrew our tiny home long ago just as I began to get really sick with what I later found out was Chronic Lyme Disease.  

This home, this tiny home that was much too big when we first moved here over 18 years ago, has my heart.

You see, we moved here when my oldest daughter was two and my 2nd daughter would make her presence three months later.

As I pack each day a flood of memories and emotions keep overtaking me.  I've raised four children here, I've lost two.  I moved here not knowing my Savior but found him shortly after while sitting on the floor with my girls as they played and I read my Bible. 

I'm remembering the little feet that ran through the house.  Bringing three of my babies home from the hospital. The knock-knock jokes, the bed-time prayers, the middle of the night cuddles when bad dreams interrupted sleep, the transitions from childhood to young adulthood.

I remember the many neighborhood children coming to my house to play and the troubled teen who just needed an adult to talk to.  

I remember what I was doing when major news events were announced over the radio or television and I remember so clearly that morning of 9/11, during my very first year of homeschooling, only to be so thankful my children were here with me.

We've had such good times here and some bad times. We've made such wonderful friends along the way and lost dear loved ones as their journey in life ended.

This is where I learned to be a mommy, a wife, a homemaker. I learned to homeschool my children.  This is where we accomplished the great task of meeting graduation requirements for my two older daughters despite their obstacles with chronic Lyme.  

This is where I became incredibly sick with Lyme disease, I honesty thought I was going to die.  This is where my children also became severely ill with Lyme, where I cared for their every need, and prayed to God that He would heal them.  This is where we've been finding that healing.

This is where I conquered my fears and found hope, that no matter what difficulties arise my Lord will always be with me; to walk with me, to carry me and to strengthen me no matter what comes my way.

The great thing about my Lord is that He goes with me wherever I go!  I can't wait to see what new experiences, friends, and changes He has in store as we make this move.

What changes are happening in your life?  Are you embracing them or struggling?