Dec 15, 2015

My Favorite Online Homeschooling Encouragement

In my last post I shared how I came to use online homeschooling resources and found the encouragement and support that I needed.  If you missed it you can pop over here and read it (Finding Homeschool Help Don't Go-it-Alone.

It became a necessity for me to find help online because I was very ill with Lyme disease and I was struggling to keep up.  Honestly, I was ready to throw in the towel.

Instead, I found a few amazing homeschooling websites that changed everything for me, giving me the encouragement and direction to keep going.  I needed it even more when my kids became severely ill with chronic Lyme disease.

There really is an overabundance of resources out there but today I'm only going to share the few that kept me going strong.  These are not curriculum sites, they're for you.  I'm sure you already know this but if we're not careful, we can spend too much time online finding great resources and not enough time homeschooling or taking care of our family.  We need to use our time wisely especially if we're limited because of our own health.

So here we go, my favorites and a little background along with links to the websites.

The Ultimate Homeschool Expo was one of my very first encounters.  Years ago, a sweet and bubbly homeschool mom ran the UHE and her name is Cindy Rushton. She had a crazy amount of articles and encouragement on her website, I loved it. She provided meaningful online seminars, encouragement, books, tapes and lots of southern love for homeschool moms. 

After graduating her children from their homeschool, she has since moved on to other endeavors. I can't tell you how sad I was but I had the awesome privilege of meeting her in person when my husband and I traveled to Nashville. 

When Cindy sold the UHE I had the privilege of meeting Felice Gerwitz with Media Angels.  She has not only done a fantastic job with UHE but has also expanded this wonderful resource by offering even more help through the The Homeschool Radio Show and my personal favorite, Mommy Jammies Night.  Check out her links, she has a ton of great stuff available.

They are all excellent places for you to spend time for encouragement and learning.  

You will meet other wonderful homeschool moms from around the world and learn from top notch homeschool moms who have ministries or businesses of their own.  The content and educational training you'll get is exactly what every homeschool mom needs, not only for encouragement but to be equipped to do the best you can.

Next, I'd like to introduce you to Lee Binz.  Lee runs The Home Scholar.  She has been an invaluable resource to me while homeschooling Middle and High School grades especially because my kids were very ill during portions of their schooling.  Lee helped me to realize that I didn't have to change what was working in our homeschool just because we entered higher grades.  She shows how to take those areas of learning that our children love and get excited about and turn those into credit.

I honestly could not have made it through without her wise counsel and resources.

Lee takes the fear right out of homeschooling High School.  There's really nothing to be afraid of when you have access to her resources.  She shows you how to plan your High School, how to keep records and transcripts, when to take the PSATs and SATs, when to apply to colleges and how to get scholarships.  Here's a helpful link for 16 Resources For Homeschooling High School.

Next, I'd like you to meet Diane Craft, MA, CNHP.  You must get to know this very wise woman and spend time at her website.  Diane really understands the brain, children, and learning. She offers so many informative tips for teaching children who learn differently.  She even addresses nutrition and environment.

Finally, HSLDA; Home School Legal Defense Association.  Not only is this organization available to defend our right to homeschool but they are also available for counsel, training and encouragement.  

Little did I know that besides all their amazing services, they also have counselors who offer a shoulder to cry on when you're having a bad day.  

It's true.  They will listen, encourage, pray with you and provide direction.  I found their suggestions to be life savers for my children when they were at their sickest.  I attended their training and learned some important tools for teaching my sick and "special needs" children. 

How do you homeschool a sick child? 

How do you homeschool when you're sick? 

One day at a time 


with as much support and encouragement as you can find!

Please don't homeschool all alone when you have access to such amazing resources.

Do you already have a favorite homeschool resource?  Share it in the comments section below.

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