Jan 18, 2016

How A Tick Bite Changed My Daughter - Part 3

Healing With Homeopathy

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I've been sharing a deeply personal story of how Lyme disease changed my daughter. If you missed them you can find them here. Part 1 The Psychological Affects Of Lyme Disease and Part 2 Using Supplements To Nourish The Brain

Most people associate Lyme disease with joint pain and fatigue and are surprised to learn that Lyme and coinfections can also affect their emotional and mental health.

Not many people expect a tick bite to result in panic attacks, rage, OCD or any other type of mental illness, but it can and it does for a large number of people.

Unfortunately many children and teens are plagued with mental illness and no one stops to think that it could be caused by a tick-borne infection.

Our home was turned upside down when our daughter was began having severe anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and rage.   

Antibiotic treatment only made her worse, anti-depressants didn't help and anti-anxiety medication made her sleepy and nonfunctional.

I was so excited when I found information from Dr. Klinghardt on YouTube and Trudy Scott through the Anxiety Summit about nutritional support and supplements that could possibly help my daughter.  I shared more about this in detail in Part 2.

I began using the supplements recommended and changed her diet. My daughter began to improve with each day and before long she was doing many things for herself without getting stuck by OCD.  
We had 3 wonderful months with this beautiful and talented young girl.  I saw my real daughter again for the first time in a long time.  

However, over time, the supplements proved to not be enough and her OCD began to creep back in and anxiety began to cripple her all over again regaining intensity with each day.  

While the supplements helped and we continued to use them, especially GABA, she was not getting better.

Her doctor was at a loss as to how to help her.  She told me that there was nothing more she could do and that I just needed to take her back to the psychiatrist.

Her therapist was also at a loss and with a heavy heart felt there was nothing more she could do to help her because she wasn't willing or able to do her therapy homework and we weren't making progress.

I found myself in the most horrible place a mother could ever find herself, I was desperate and hopeless.  

I was exhausted, worried that we wouldn't find a way to help her and that she would be this way for the rest of her life.  

The stress in our home was overwhelming and this poor girl, crippled and controlled by tick-borne infections needed help.  

I needed help too! I felt like I couldn't care for her anymore! I felt like I couldn't tolerate one more tantrum, help her get dressed again, defend her behavior, or stay up another night telling her everything would be ok, but I couldn't give up either.

I was introduced to a woman at church who is a Registered Nurse and used to work for a Lyme doctor.  She also had first hand experience with Lyme when her son contracted it.

When I met her and listened to her experience I grew skeptical when she told me that her doctor helped her son get better in 4 months using homeopathic sprays. 

My initial thought was that there's no way a person with chronic Lyme disease and co-infections can recover in 4 months, after all we had already been in treatment for over 4 years.

But there he was sprawled out across several chairs looking like a normal teen.  

I graciously exchanged phone numbers and email addresses and walked away a little more discouraged.  

For some reason I couldn't stop thinking about our conversation and decided to email her.  The more we interacted the more I thought we should try to see this doctor.  After all, nothing else is helping and I had never heard of anyone getting better.

My daughter was diagnosed with Lyme and Bartonella when she was 9 but began having symptoms at the age of 7.  Later she was diagnosed with Babesia.

When I called to make an appointment there was over a 6 month waiting list but what else could I do?  I put her name on the list and explained as only a Mom can how important it was that we get in sooner.  I told them I was willing to drop everything and come if there was a cancellation.

After making the appointment I began to hope again.  I hoped that this new doctor would help my daughter the way he helped that young man at church. 

When our appointment came, this kind doctor evaluated her, did his testing and explained that he could get her better.  

His methods and his treatment practices were completely foreign to me. I didn't understand it and I even doubted him.

He told us that her symptoms could get worse before we saw any improvement. They did get worse and I threatened several times to take her off the remedies but my daughter had hope too and she refused to stop them.

By week 9, my daughter got up out of bed and came downstairs all by herself.  She was smiling and said, "Mom, I feel great today can I make cookies!" I was so thrilled I told her she could do anything she wanted to. This was only the beginning of her healing and of better days.

She has been under his care for almost 2 years now and has done amazingly well. In fact if you met her today you would never know that this story could be hers. We hardly remember those dark and difficult days.

She's now a healthy, vibrant and amazing young woman. She's doing great in school, loves to play the guitar, write music and sing.    

My girl knows this struggle made her stronger and that her story just might help someone else.  

She's no longer embarrassed or humiliated by this because she knows it was caused by tick-borne diseases and now that she feels great she wants to help and encourage others who struggle with fear, anxiety and OCD.  

If her story has encouraged you, would you leave her a comment below?  

If you identify with her story, don't give up hope. Keep searching, keep praying and remember that sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone in order to find something that works.


P.S. If you'd like to learn more about our doctor, his practice, testing and treatment visit his website here:  Alternative Medicine Center

No claims are made as to how our treatment protocol may or may not help you individually or whether or not it would be useful for your unique health condition.  This blog post is not intended to be an endorsement of any specific product or treatment but rather a source of information for your own personal research.


  1. What kind of diet changes did you make and which did you find beneficial? what were the rememdies used that helped your daughter, did she need many and were they all homeopathic or meds nutrients,herbs?
    Be Well

    1. We tried as much as possible to avoid all processed foods, food coloring, and sodas. We cut out dairy, wheat and as much sugar as possible. Even to this day we notice a return of some symptom with particular foods or drinks. Her routine consisted of the supplements I listed as well as the specially formulated homeopathic remedies. Thanks

  2. Can you describe more the homeopathic treatment? Living in chicago do not have the health or financial means to get to MD.

    1. The homeopathics we use have been specially formulated by our Doctor. I wouldn't recommend self treating, there are so many aspects to restoring your health it is crucial that you find a good physician. We prefer alternative care. I hope that helps.


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