Jan 23, 2016

My Blogging Anniversary

Just one year ago today I began my blogging adventure.  I honestly didn't think blogging was something that I would want to do or have time for.  My sister, close friends and even acquaintances I shared my story with, kept insisting I put my experience down in a blog for others to read.

My sister wanted a place where she could send her friends and contacts so they could easily find information about Lyme disease.

Other Moms I met along the way wanted a place where they could go to find encouragement to homeschool either while being sick themselves or taking care of their children who were sick.

Then there were those I met who really needed a one-stop place to go to in order to find the information they needed about tick-borne diseases and to learn how to find the medical help they needed.

I'm really glad I was encouraged to embark on this blogging journey.  I had no idea how blogging would help me use my passion to get the word out about tick-borne diseases and I'm thrilled that my blog has been able to help others.

I love hearing stories about how you found my blog, shared with a loved one or how much it has encouraged you.  All of your feedback encourages me to keep going.  It helps me to know what information to share and quite honestly keeps me blogging.  When I don't hear from you I sometimes get discouraged and wonder if I'm spending time writing for no reason.

Living with chronic pain and disease has been an experience I wouldn't wish on anyone, but I know it's a reality for many.  My hope is that you are encouraged and are able to find the resources you need here.

If you have just a minute could you leave me a comment and let me know how my blog has helped you? What are your favorite sections or posts? What would you like to see more of in future posts?

I wouldn't have a 1 year blogging anniversary without you.  So thanks for visiting, reading, interacting with me and sharing my blog with others.  I'm looking forward to what this next year has for all of us while we're on this journey together.


  1. Your posts have been informative to me in learning more about Lyme. I was especially encouraged by the post related to homeschooling and Lyme. Happy anniversary and thanks for your posts.

    1. Thanks Cindy, I'm so glad my blog has been helpful.


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