Mar 24, 2016

Chronic Lyme Disease Summit

Have you signed up for the free Chronic Lyme Disease Summit yet?

It airs from April 4 - 11th, 2016 and is hosted by Dr. Jay Davidson.

The focus of this summit will be to look at the body as a whole holistically.  The speakers include Naturopaths, Medical Doctors, Nutritionists, Chiropractors, Health Equipment Experts, Lyme authors, Lyme researchers, Biochemists and Scientists.

"These Chronic Lyme Disease Summit experts will cover it all, from diagnosis and testing--a truly comprehensive understanding of Lyme disease--to the protocol explanations, cutting-edge information and practical at-home health tips the top doctors are using to help people get their lives back."

When you sign up now you will have access to 3 excellent talks to get you started. I've already listened and I'm motivated to start making some new changes.

Trudy Scott, CN, shares my story of how I learned to use supplements and amino acids to help my daughter when she suffered from severe anxiety and OCD due to Lyme and coinfections.  I listened to one of Trudy's online expos and learned how to use amino acids and nutrition to support the brain and help with healing.

Listening to a summit very similar to this is how I learned to help my daughter and our family.  

I highly recommend that you take the time to learn as much as you can because knowledge is power toward healing.

I'll be the first to agree that life is busy and it's hard to fit something like this into an already full schedule, but I find that if I pop my headphones into my iPhone, I can listen while doing other things.

Here's the link to register, see the list of speakers and view the schedule.

Mar 22, 2016

Praying More Earnestly Through Our Pain

Have you ever heard something that just hit you like a ton of bricks?

Maybe you've had that light bulb moment when something you heard just illuminates your mind and causes you to think more deeply about it than you ever had before?

There I was sitting in church on Palm Sunday, struggling to pay attention because of the intense pain I was having throughout my body and the brain foggy fatigue in my mind.

I was already distracted because of the lovely woman who came in late and sat down in front of me. She was wearing a sweater with lace and a bow in her ponytail. I couldn't help but notice her limp as she came in, her struggle to get to her seat and her curled fingers from the ravages of arthritis.

Mar 12, 2016

The Truth About Lyme Disease - Interview with Dr. Steven Phillips, MD

As always, when I find valuable information that relates to tick-borne infections I like to share it with you so that you can have the most accurate reports.  I watched this video piece twice because it was really good and I wanted to jot down a few notes.

I'm putting the video here on the blog so it will be easy for you to find and share with your friends.

Dr. Steven Phillips, MD is a Yale trained physician and a Zoonotic Specialist.  He's also the former president of the ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) and was interviewed on the Fox 5 Good Day Morning Show.

Here are some of the key points Dr. Phillips made but I highly recommend that you listen and share this with your friends.

  • Lyme disease is a global threat.
  • Even in it's earliest stage, Lyme disease treatment is associated with an unusually high failure rate.
  • 20% of early treated Lyme patients go onto develop chronic systems.
  • There is a controversy between the IDSA and ILADS
  • Lyme bacteria are really hard to grow from animals and people.
  • You can't isolate Lyme bacteria from the blood.
  • You can't cookbook Lyme treatments.
  • Persistent symptoms are related to persistent infection.
  • North Eastern admitted after 35 years of study that you can't adequately kill Lyme in the test tube even with powerful antibiotics.
  • Deet doesn't kill ticks, it essentially causes the tick to crawl to a part of the body where there is no deet.
  • Permethrin is recommended to use on clothing only, it actually kills the ticks.
  • If you were to inject Lyme bacteria into an animal and later do a blood panel to look for bacteria you won't find it.

Now here's the video:

Mar 10, 2016

Essential Oils Based Flea and Tick Treatment For Your Dogs & Cats

I've found an alternative to toxic flea and tick treatments for your pets and I'm so excited to share this news with you!

In November, our family adopted Sybil, a sweet and lovable Aussie Shepherd mix.  She immediately filled our hearts and our home with her spunky little self and quite frankly we love her.

When I found a few ticks on her in just a two day span I knew I had to go ahead and start treating her for fleas and ticks but I couldn't bring myself to put those toxic chemical spot treatments on my puppy.  I try to avoid using chemicals as much as possible for my family so why would I use them on my puppy?

Mar 1, 2016

Lyme Disease In The News - What I've Been Reading

Have you been keeping up with the news about Lyme Disease, new strains of Borrelia, Bartonella infections and the many other news posts online?

I try to keep up on all the latest news when it comes to vector-borne diseases, meaning any diseases that are transmitted by any bugs.

If you follow me on Facebook I'm sure you've seen my plethora of posts on vector-borne "everything" but have you had time to read any of them?

Quite honestly, I've had a hard time keeping up but that might have something to do with my cute new puppy.

Lyme disease and co-infections are getting a lot of attention lately and that's a good thing.  The more information that's made available the easier it will be for you and I to make wise decisions for ourselves and our family when it comes to prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Below are some of the blogs, posts and articles I've been reading over the past few months.

Have You Been Bitten By A Partially Fed Tick - Daniel J. Cameron, MD, MPH

Lyme Treatments & Protocols - What Is

List of 700 Articles Citing Chronic Infection Associated With Tick-Borne Disease Compiled By Dr. Robert Bransford -

LDA's ABC's of Lyme Disease, Gastrointestinal Lyme - Martin D. Fried, MD

Dr, Horowitz's Ballad of a Deer Tick

Larval Ticks May Be A Threat After all - Insights Based On Study Of Borrelia Miyamotoi - Daniel J. Cameron, MD, MPH

Bay Area Lyme Foundation Offers Free Tick Testing Nationwide

Veterinarians Warn Pet Diseases Can Be Transferred To People - Gary Sinderson

New Experimental Tests Detect Signs Of Lyme Disease Near Time Of Infection - Science Daily

New Lyme Disease Bacteria Discovered In Upper Midwest: CDC - Medline Plus

Lyme Disease: Gene Signatures May Catch The Infection Sooner - National Institutes of Health

Have you read an informative post or article?  Share it in the comments section.