Mar 12, 2016

The Truth About Lyme Disease - Interview with Dr. Steven Phillips, MD

As always, when I find valuable information that relates to tick-borne infections I like to share it with you so that you can have the most accurate reports.  I watched this video piece twice because it was really good and I wanted to jot down a few notes.

I'm putting the video here on the blog so it will be easy for you to find and share with your friends.

Dr. Steven Phillips, MD is a Yale trained physician and a Zoonotic Specialist.  He's also the former president of the ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) and was interviewed on the Fox 5 Good Day Morning Show.

Here are some of the key points Dr. Phillips made but I highly recommend that you listen and share this with your friends.

  • Lyme disease is a global threat.
  • Even in it's earliest stage, Lyme disease treatment is associated with an unusually high failure rate.
  • 20% of early treated Lyme patients go onto develop chronic systems.
  • There is a controversy between the IDSA and ILADS
  • Lyme bacteria are really hard to grow from animals and people.
  • You can't isolate Lyme bacteria from the blood.
  • You can't cookbook Lyme treatments.
  • Persistent symptoms are related to persistent infection.
  • North Eastern admitted after 35 years of study that you can't adequately kill Lyme in the test tube even with powerful antibiotics.
  • Deet doesn't kill ticks, it essentially causes the tick to crawl to a part of the body where there is no deet.
  • Permethrin is recommended to use on clothing only, it actually kills the ticks.
  • If you were to inject Lyme bacteria into an animal and later do a blood panel to look for bacteria you won't find it.

Now here's the video:

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