Sep 19, 2016

How Gardening Has Been Good For My Lyme

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In October of last year our family moved to a home with established gardens and flower beds around the perimeter of the lot. I've always loved planting flowers outside and I adored my herb garden.

Before getting sick with Lyme I had learned to use our previous home's small yard to plant as much as I could but once I got sick with Lyme my garden turned into just a few potted tomato plants.

Last fall when we moved to our new home my health declined and I began to get pretty sick again.

I wasn't physically able to weed or winterize the garden but I thought I might be able to tackle it in the spring.

In the Spring I tried to go out for a short time every morning. I tackled small portions of the yard each day and to be honest, when I was finished I could barely move. I was in so much pain and vowed to never go out there again. I even declared that I was going to plant grass seed and never have a garden again.

I couldn't stand the thought of wasting that fertile & mature garden plot so I asked my kids to help and we went out together. We were able to clean up the entire garden together and planted a few things.

By mid summer I realized that gardening was actually helping me to feel better. Here's how:

1) I felt calmer and could tell my soul was being refreshed.  It's so peaceful outside in the morning and it's a great time to pray and think.

2) I began to notice my pain was decreasing. I noticed that I was able to stay out and work for longer periods of time without the intense pain and fatigue I had when I first started.

3) I'm much stronger than I was when I started.  Gardening is hard work. I made sure I did various types of work and always stretched when I was finished.

When you begin making changes you may not realize how much stronger you are becoming. 

4) My garden produced fresh, delicious and healthy vegetables which help to support my immune system.

I'm so glad that I didn't give up gardening, it's definitely helped in my recovery from my latest relapse. 

Being outside in the quiet, working in the dirt, which by the way, exposes you to beneficial bacteria, listening to the birds and getting fresh air and sunshine all refresh me.

Do you enjoy gardening? How has it helped you? 

Whether you garden or just go outside daily, it's so important for grounding yourself from the daily onslaught of electromagnetic fields and environmental toxins. Being outdoors also helps boost your immune system especially when you're getting natural sunshine.

Of course, you must practice tick protection because gardening definitely exposes you to tick-borne diseases. Don't let that keep you from doing something as beneficial as gardening.

If you want to give gardening a try, it's probably not too late to plant a few fall vegetables and flowers.

Get into the habit of going outside daily, make it a priority and you'll begin to notice how much better you'll feel too.

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