Oct 5, 2016

It's Fall But You're Not Out of the Woods Yet

The gorgeous robust colors of fall and brisk cool weather make outdoor activities like hiking and nature walks ever so enticing.

With the changing colors on the leaves it's hard to stay indoors.

I just love fall and find the beauty irresistible.

While the weather is fabulous, most people don't realize that they're still at risk for getting tick-borne infections.

It's true, ticks are still out and they're still looking for a blood meal, in fact, ticks are out all year long.

Ticks continue to look for a blood meal until the temperatures reach below freezing and stay that way for a whopping 6 days.

So, while you, your friends and family are outdoors enjoying the amazing fall weather, be sure to continue safe practices.

Wear repellent, spray your clothes with permethrin, tuck your socks into your pants, wear light colored clothing, stay on the well worn paths and out of long tall grass.

When you return inside, immediately remove your clothes and throw them in the dryer for 20 minutes. Take a shower and carefully do a tick check by looking in every area and every crevice. Have someone else check your scalp and hair or use a mirror.

If you don't check for ticks right away, you might be allowing hitchhikers into your house, they could fall off of you and onto your furniture or floor where they'll find an unsuspecting victim who may not think to check for ticks.

Go ahead and enjoy the amazing outdoors and the beautiful cool crisp air, but remember, ticks are still out and Lyme disease is still a risk.

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