Oct 16, 2016

Quite Honestly, I Hate Lyme Disease

It's Sunday night, there's a full Hunter's Moon tonight and quite honestly I'm more than just a bit overwhelmed!

I've felt sluggish and tired all week, my kids are complaining of a return of symptoms and everyone has been irritable and argumentative. My little guy has had so much pain this weekend and tonight he hurt so badly that we had to give him Motrin and soak him in an Epsom salt bath.

It's so heartbreaking to see your child suffer in pain.

Despite living with chronic Lyme and co-infections for over 9 years and walking through this with my daughters, it never gets easier.

My son didn't even have his own tick bite! He contracted Lyme disease and co-infections from me when I was pregnant with him. When he was much younger he would ask me why he has to have so much pain and why I gave him Lyme disease. That's a pretty hard question to answer.

Sometimes I have to work at having a positive attitude, I have to work hard to keep a smile on my face and to see the bright side of things. Sometimes I want to ask, "why us?" Why did we have to get this? Why did my children have to lose so much of their childhood?

Sometimes the burden becomes harder as I minister to others and try to encourage them to keep working at their health, to make sure they rest and find the best care they can afford.

Sometimes I just don't want to tell another person that they won't be able to get their Lyme treatments covered by insurance because there's some political agenda that is preventing this disease from even being recognized by most doctors.

As I peruse the internet finding the latest research and the best treatment options; or as I read through Lyme forums and hear how desperate and horribly sick people are, I'm overwhelmed with the sheer numbers of people who are affected by this dreaded disease.

EVERY YEAR there are at least 329,000 people diagnosed with Lyme disease! 

Men, women, and children are all suffering and many times no one is there to help them.

It's not like getting a "real disease" or being diagnosed with cancer or even having surgery. Most of time those with Lyme disease look great on the outside and so many times doctors, friends, and even family do not believe the person suffering is really sick.

Sometimes, quite honestly, I just get a bit overwhelmed about the whole thing and I declare, "I Hate Lyme!"


  1. Oh the moon is beautiful tonight! (I thought it was last night too.) Sorry you are not feeling well. I will lift you and family up in prayer tonight.
    God bless you, Teresa

  2. Hi Tricia - both myself and my daughter have suffered through 2nd stage (her later stage) lyme. We are amazingly blessed to have Dr. Harris Brody, a homeopathic lyme specialist in Hatboro, PA. (Total Health Care Association). He is the only one I know who CAN provide healing from Lyme through homeopathic and herbal remedies. I got my knees back and my life back within 6 months of treatment. My daughter has been suffering through neurological lyme with panic attacks, and photosensitivity, and much anxiety. She has been treated for over a year, and is back at school - still with some neurological anxiety to deal with, and panic attacks occurring occasionally. It has been a much longer road for her. Dr. Brody found a connection with many Lyme patients also carrying the Epstein Barr virus, which is Herpes 6. My daughter had this virus as well, and felt much better on a gluten free diet. I want to make you and your readers aware that a specialist does exist! I am so thankful the Lord led us to his care. There are options beyond antibiotics. You can feel better!

    1. Hi Anonymous, I'm so glad to hear you found successful treatment and are doing well. We found the same success when we gave up antibiotics almost 3 years ago. My daughter suffered similarly and our doctor in Rockville who treats with homeopathy gave her her life back. We are all doing so much better but the kids get busy and forget to take their remedies. My son is the last on treatment so we are looking forward to when he can feel all better too. Your doctor is correct, most who get Lyme also have other infections including viral & parasites. Once everything is addressed the patient can get better. I'm a huge proponent of homeopathy! Thanks

  3. Hi Tricia,
    Just found you today. I have been suffering with Lyme for about 4 1/2 years now but was just diagnosed a little over 6 months ago. I live in lower DE and haven't found a Dr yet to help other than antibiotics. I saw you said your Dr in Rockville. Is that MD and if so who is the Doc. Driving to Rockville is not out of the question for me. I need help. Thank you, Debbie

    1. Hi Debbie, I'm so sorry you're dealing with Lyme. Yes, my doctor is in Rockville and my family and I have been very responsive to his treatment for us. If you look on the right sidebar and scroll down, you'll find a link for Alternative Medicine Center. That will take you right to his website and you'll find a phone number. It's not uncommon to have to leave a message but they will return your call. Sometimes it takes a day and they are not open on Fridays. God bless! Tricia


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