Dec 7, 2016

Learning About Christmas From a Shepherd

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This year we decided to invite a shepherd into our home. 

He is only about 12 inches tall and he hides each night waiting for my son to search for him in the morning.

He is The Shepherd on the Search from DaySpring. I'm not an affiliate with DaySpring but when I learned about this set I instantly loved the concept of this sweet Shepherd, the accompanying book and the printable activities that DaySpring offers on their website.

The Shepherd is a tool to use as we fix our eyes on Jesus and learn about the coming King in preparation for Christmas. Each days activities will lead us closer to Jesus through scripture.

My son is 9 and he gets very excited to go on a treasure hunt each morning as he searches for the Shepherd. This silly shepherd can hide in the silliest places. The first morning, he was waiting on the piano in with hymnals and music books. The next morning he was found curled up under my son's hat which he left on the floor.

There's no telling where the shepherd will be found next but I have a feeling that on Christmas Eve he will end up near baby Jesus in the manger.

If you didn't know about The Shepherd on the Search, I'm sure it's not too late to order one. I purchased mine from Amazon Prime and was able to get him in a few days.

You might want to get one and save him for next year, he will make a fabulous addition to your Christmas preparations.

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  1. I wonder what my teens would think if I started this... Or my husband. ;) lol. I think they would have liked something like this when they were younger.


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