Dec 26, 2016

Why I'm Not Waiting Another Day To Begin Exercising

The new year begins in less than a week. Many people wait until January 2nd to begin their New Years resolutions with the desire to begin exercising at the top of that list.

Getting fit, regaining health, and losing weight are all great goals but it takes a lot of will power and determination not only to begin but to continue.

It never fails, my typical routine every year is a gung-ho exercise routine from the Spring through the Summer, that's when I feel best and I love exercising outside. As soon as our homeschool routine starts in the fall, my exercise routine goes out the window.

I lost 16-lbs from last Spring through the Summer but now that I've been less active, let's just say I can tell my clothes aren't fitting as loosely as they were. I refuse to hop on the scale but I did decide last week that the day after Christmas was my day!

It would be easy to delay exercising, especially since the new year is in a week but I made a commitment to myself that I wouldn't wait.

Today I started back exercising and it was so hard! The exercising itself revealed my lack of movement; my muscles were tight and I was out of breath after the warm-up. The hardest part though was getting up and actually beginning.

I hemmed and I hawed, I said, "Oh, I'll go right after I get this next thing done!" I found myself not wanting to exercise. I was dreading it. I actually made it worse than it needed it to be.

Finally, I just got up and headed to put on my workout clothes. I knew if I didn't do this today, I would just keep making excuses and would never exercise.

I decided to start with a walk routine I was doing off and on during the Summer. When I couldn't get outside for a walk I'd go to my playlist on YouTube and find Leslie Sansone's "Walk This Way 1 Mile Walk".

I enjoy this workout because it's easy to do, it goes by fast, it's not boring like a treadmill, and Leslie is so encouraging. Let's just say, I need all the motivation I can get. When she says "great job, you can do this," I believe her! {Smiles}

Here's Part 1: Start Quick & Easy, and when this becomes too easy you can move on to the next more challenging video.

So, today is the first day of my new exercise routine. Why don't you plan to start exercising right away and don't wait another day!

In a few weeks I'll share something else I plan to add to my workout routine, so be sure to check back.

How do you stay active and fit?


  1. YES! Way to go, Tricia!

    I am working my way up to fit. I tend to try to do too much too quickly and end up with injuries. I am still dealing with injuries from a couple of years ago. :/ Well, and IT band problems I created over a decade agoo.

    I like to work out alone, and do it first thing, so right now it might be any of the following: physio exercises, yoga, Egoscue sequences or fitness videos. I realize I've just been kind of maintaining; I need to start pushing myself a little more.

    1. I do the same thing Daisy, I do way too much and then injure myself. This time I'm starting with an injury so I have to start easy. I've never heard of Egoscue sequences, I'll have to look that up. Thanks for sharing.


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