Dec 23, 2016

Will You Be Present For Christmas?

Are you feeling it yet? That pressure to make the next few days a magical perfection of Christmas Bliss?

If you're a Mom, you may have opened your eyes this morning with the realization that Christmas is here. As I write this you have 1 day, 5 hours, 32 minutes and 20 seconds to finalize all your shopping, wrapping, baking, last minute grocery runs, cleaning the house, getting everyone ready for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

I don't know about you but there have been some Christmas mornings where I've sat there so exhausted while everyone else opened their presents; I was still dreaming of sleeping in.

Are you so busy trying to make Christmas Perfect that you've forgotten to be present? Present for your family, present for worship and present to enjoy this time with loved ones?

I recommend we all stop right now and take in a very deep breath to the count of 10 and then let it out very slowly!

From friend to friend, I want to remind you that your children, your family, will enjoy Christmas much more when you're present, paying attention, sharing the moment with them and creating timeless memories.

Laugh, sing, hug and snuggle up together. Watch a favorite Christmas movie. Blast some fun Christmas music. 

Make this Christmas Merry with your presence not your presents!


  1. I love this! I was thinking along the same lines today.

    1. That's great "D", have a Merry Christmas!

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